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Isaiah 40:31 "...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. "


I am not sure when I was younger that I understood this verse; the voracity of youth had not given me the experience yet to see the value in the promise. Full of energy, vision, purpose, determination and vitality..... I had never lost strength or seen that this was a very real probability in life's unpredictable journey. However, NOW I have prayed this prayer and clung to the truth of its promise, probably more than any other verse in scripture. I have lost count how many times the chapters of my story and the scars of life have left me crumpled, weary, discouraged and on my knees. Thank goodness that we can be renewed, restored, repaired and set back walking (...or running) on our track. BUT, and there are often 'buts' and 'ifs' in scripture, this only applies to those that hope in the Lord. (Mmmmmm?? ... not relying on doctors, friends, vitamins, medication, self will or rest then? Nope!) 


Our hope needs to be in the Lord, not that we neglect to take care of ourselves and don't try and make better choices, but that HE is our hope, the source of our strength, the lifter of our burdens. It is not just a belief in Him that will cause the fulfilment of the promise, but He needs to be the one whom we seek, rely on, turn to and depend on: that's how He wants us to be. 

The illustration of the eagle here exemplifies the point, and as such, we must understand where much of the eagles' strength and success comes from. You see, God gave the eagle a very special characteristic which allows him to be dominant is his domain; he gave special adaptive eyelids which shield him from blinding light. 'So what?' you may ask. So, when the eagle is on the defence, pursued by his only enemy, the condor, and in grave or mortal danger, he flies directly into and towards the sun, where he cannot be seen in the glaring light and the enemy pursuit is called off. And so we must learn..... in the face of danger, we head for the light, to the Son and to the place of protection and restoration. 


The arrangement of this song is helpfully and emotively experiential; it provides for the listener, the musical equivalent of rehearsing that soaring on eagles' wings and that hope of being renewed and strengthened. The expression of that feeling is given a significant, dynamic moment in the music. This is heard in the form of an amazing guitar solo by Dave Bainbridge which cannot help but lift you from where you are; upwards and heavenwards. Let yourself be carried by that moment... indeed that's what it's there for. 


Yet there is more, in the music, we urge you to listen for and hear the higher call. This is the call of the Father to your spirit, ushering you into those higher places, rising above circumstances and problems and never being satisfied in the valleys. 


Be inspired, transported and touched as you allow the music to build faith in the promise of being renewed and fulfilling the call on your life.

Juliet Dawn


Verse 1:

Renew My strength, oh Lord my God As I wait upon you now
So I can run and not grow weak
By your almighty power

I spread my wings I seek your face, your purposes embrace, Trust and faith are lifting me, to my destiny.
The valleys could not satisfy, the longings of my heart,
For I have heard a higher call – setting me apart


And I rise up like the eagle
From the Rock of Salvation
Soar in glory, free and regal
Drawing ever- closer, closer to the sun.

Verse 2:

Renew my strength, oh Lord my God, For you are my desire,
So let me feel your spirit’s breeze, Taking me up higher.

I lift my eyes up to your throne – my focus you alone Love and grace are lifting me,
To where I want to be!
The valleys could not satisfy the longings of my heart For I have heard a higher call - setting me apart


And I rise up like the eagle
From the rock of salvation
Soar in glory, free and regal
Drawing ever – closer, closer to the sun.

I’ve heard Your higher call I’ve heard Your higher call Your higher call

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